This Album/EP whatever you want to call it, is simply amazing. At first glance, Olu Bliss does not appear to possess the voice he evokes in his music. His tone and range are unlike any other artist out right now.  - YourStrongestAlly.com

Olu Bliss has artfully created the quintessential summer soundtrack that can accompany any poolside tanning session or peaceful time at home. This New York native has managed to incorporate his fascination for art, French New Wave Cinema, and personal experiences into succulent, musical imagery. Bliss’ EP entitled, “En Contraste” - Examiner.com

The best songwriters bring to the table a whole new crossbreed of their varying inspirations & motivations to coin radical new & fresh formats. Nigerian born singer-songwriter Olu Bliss has successfully captured these elements and made them his own. - LastFm.com